• Do I have to wait 28 days to apply a coating on new concrete?

    No. Using Gill 33® Superbond will allow you to coat on new concrete in less than the normal 28 days.

  • How soon can Gill Modified Concrete withstand normal tired vehicular traffic?

    Concrete made with Gill 33® Superbond will accept normal tired vehicular traffic in 4 hours.

  • Isn’t labor intensive, expensive bagged material the only way to patch and repair concrete?

    No. Gill 33® Superbond allows you to prepare concrete by hand or in large batch trucks at a significantly less cost per cubic foot.

  • Does concrete and grout made with Gill 33® Superbond permanently bond to existing concrete?

    Yes. Gill Modified Concrete/Grout will bond to non-coated concrete that has been properly prepared and cleaned per our Procedural Bulletins.

  • Does Gill Modified Concrete/Grout shrink?

    No. Unlike most other rapid curing and high early strength concrete/grouts, independent tests prove Gill Modified Concrete/Grout results in zero shrinkage.

  • Is Gill 33® Superbond hazardous to use?

    No. Gill 33® Superbond is non-hazardous and environmentally safe. It will not damage mixers or hand tools and cleans up easily with water.

  • Isn’t it expensive?

    When confronted with shutdown schedules or time critical jobs, Gill 33® Superbond is minimal compared to money lost from downtime.

  • Can’t the ready mix company blend something equivalent for quick turnaround concrete?

    No. Gill 33® Superbond is the only admixture that allows 24 hour coatability from a ready mix design.

  • Aren’t there similar products that can accomplish what Gill 33® Superbond can?

    No. There is not another all in one product on the market today that can perform as Gill 33® Superbond!